About me

I’m Ioana – a proud mother of three, a happy person and a storyteller. I’m the one behind the camera. Although I have started this exciting photography journey about 10 years ago, I have decided to dedicate myself to it full time almost 5 years ago. To be the very best photographer that I could be, I’ve dedicated my time in shooting mainly portraits and weddings . Every bit of focus and creativity that I have is going into building timeless photographs for my clients.
For me, photography is a lifelong passion and my truly dream job as I get to capture epic, beautiful moments from someone’s life. It’s definitely not an easy job, but I love happy people and they make the happiest pictures.
My shooting style is natural and clean, yet vivid. I usually prefer not to direct poses, I just want you to be yourself in front of my camera; this is the only way you’ll recognize yourself in the years to come, looking back at those photographs. I do re-touch individually every picture, without over-editing them, and I create any type of look by request, but I believe that a vibrant outlook of that special day will never go out of style. My work has been labelled as fresh, fun, creative, artistic, unique. 
I welcome you to view my work and I hope that my camera and I will one day be part of your life’s most precious moments, so we can turn them into wonderful, everlasting memories for you. If you feel that I’m the right one to capture your story, let’s get in touch. My promise to you is that your photo album will be as wonderfully unique as you are.